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  • Welcome to Kerry Lee Photography!

    A little info on the lady behind the camera...Me!

    I live in the little town of Marne (just west of GR) with my husband, our two boys and our little girl. We have been blessed with 3 unique little people who are my absolute pride, joy and inspiration. They keep me on my toes and make me laugh every time I turn around.

    As much as I love being a Mom to this crazy bunch, I also love having a business. And, I can honestly say that I love my job! My kids' pictures mean the world to me and it gives me great pleasure being able to provide that service to others.

    As for my style, it's been described as relaxed, fun and unscripted. I strive to capture who a child truly is beyond that "say cheese" smile. I want parents to look at their children's photos and be able to see those little expressions they love more than anything. I try to catch moments of innocence and of course, mischief, that are so simple yet priceless.

    Those moments pass all too quickly, but can be kept forever in a portrait. Babies grow up so fast. For those of you looking at having senior pictures of your "baby" taken - you know how precious those memories are. I would love to help you stop time and hold on to those special moments forever.

    Take some time to browse my images and please, let me know if my style is what you're looking for.

    Thanks for stopping by and God Bless.

    Kerry Westveld

Tyler – junk shoot

Tyler and his dog, Copper, did a wonderful job at the “junk shoot”. Tyler had a lot of fun sitting on my “junk” and had an even better time hanging out with Copper inside one of the trucks. They were hilarious. And, for those of you that know me, believe it or not, this is one dog (that’s not mine) that I’m not afraid of. Copper is such a gentle giant. Thanks Tyler (and Copper) for helping me with my “junk shoot”. Hope you enjoy the preview…

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Nolan and Evan – junk shoot

Nolan and Evan were quite the troopers – up for anything. I have known these guys since they were little bitty. They are getting to be so grown up and honestly, it makes me feel so old! Evan makes it look so easy – posing himself and just, so natural. Nolan…love that mohawk!! You have such a nice smile (with those “just like mom” dimples). Both of these guys have grown up to be such nice young men. Hope you had fun “being farmers” for a day! Enjoy the preview Mom and Dad…

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Bryce – junk shoot

Bryce is truly my little “model in the making”. He gets so into his sessions now – it cracks me up. We were getting ready to go out and take some quick shots when he stopped and said “Wait Mom…do I look super cool or what?”. He is absolutely hilarious! Thanks buddy for helping Mom out with this crazy little idea. You’re always up for anything and it makes my job so much easier being able to use you as my test subject. I love you!

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Casen – junk shoot

Casen is such a little stinker when it comes to his photo sessions. Luckily, he’s cute enough to make up for it. Casen is our youngest little guy and we just had to “throw” him into the “junk shoot” mix. I really don’t take a ton of pictures of my own kiddos, so it’s not even like he has “my mom is a photographer” syndrome. He’s just an all around handful! Not my favorite shots of him, but they’ll do…until next time.

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Rebecca May

Sweet little Rebecca…what a doll! She was one week old and just plain adorable. She was pretty sure she did not want to sleep during her 1st model debut. But, she finally gave in (a little). She has an adoring older brother (17 months) and two incredibly devoted and busy parents. They were so fun to work with and I can’t wait to see more of this little angel. Enjoy the preview guys!

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