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  • Welcome to Kerry Lee Photography!

    A little info on the lady behind the camera...Me!

    I live in the little town of Marne (just west of GR) with my husband, our two boys and our little girl. We have been blessed with 3 unique little people who are my absolute pride, joy and inspiration. They keep me on my toes and make me laugh every time I turn around.

    As much as I love being a Mom to this crazy bunch, I also love having a business. And, I can honestly say that I love my job! My kids' pictures mean the world to me and it gives me great pleasure being able to provide that service to others.

    As for my style, it's been described as relaxed, fun and unscripted. I strive to capture who a child truly is beyond that "say cheese" smile. I want parents to look at their children's photos and be able to see those little expressions they love more than anything. I try to catch moments of innocence and of course, mischief, that are so simple yet priceless.

    Those moments pass all too quickly, but can be kept forever in a portrait. Babies grow up so fast. For those of you looking at having senior pictures of your "baby" taken - you know how precious those memories are. I would love to help you stop time and hold on to those special moments forever.

    Take some time to browse my images and please, let me know if my style is what you're looking for.

    Thanks for stopping by and God Bless.

    Kerry Westveld

Jenna – senior 2010

Let me tell you…Jenna is a true beauty, inside and out! She is truly a sweetheart and was super fun to work with. She has a great personality and a wonderful sense of humor. We went to Lake Michigan for this session and she scheduled another session for a different location coming up. I can’t wait to work with you again, Jenna. Thank you for choosing me to take your senior pics. I hope you enjoy your little preview…

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Jocelyn and Delaney

Jocelyn, 5 and Delaney, 2 came to my Junk Shoot mini-sessions. These girls were so incredibly intrigued by life in “the country” – it was hilarious! Jocelyn said to me “Do you live here? It’s so old”. I told her that I agree, but she just could not figure out why we lived in such an old house. I love what kids say (even though her mom probably wasn’t so thrilled with the comment). Delaney was easily “bribed” with getting to see the chickens…cheap thrills 🙂 These girlie girls were so funny and so easy going. I truly love what I do and really had a great time with them. Thanks for all the laughs girls. Check out their sneak peak…so cute!

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Mason, Lance & Kaitlyn

These 3 were so much fun to work with…what characters! Their Mom and Dad brought them to my first set of Junk Shoot mini-sessions. The boys were so excited to climb all over my “junk”. They had a blast! Mason (the oldest) is such a handsome little man. He is just such a sweetheart and growing up so stinkin’ fast. Lance (the middle guy) is so funny. Him and those bright blue eyes…simply adorable! And Kaitlyn, oh Kaitlyn…poor girl…she was in a cast from her chest down…needless to say, she wasn’t really in “the mood” to have her pictures taken. I don’t blame her one bit! But, I was still able to snap a few “reality” pics of her. I hope and pray she gets that cast off sooner than later, that’s for sure. Thanks guys for coming and playing on my junk. Come over anytime. Hope you enjoy your little preview…

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Walker’s downtown session

Take a look at Walker’s 2 1/2 year pics…he did a great job and really got into “modeling”. He is quite the little ham and full of creative stories. I could sit and chat with him for hours. We went to downtown Grand Rapids with his whole family for his session. Walker is one of 5 kids in his family and they are all such great little people. They all have such unique personalities and are so incredibly polite. You’re doing a great job Jamie and Rick! Thank you Walker for doing such a wonderful job and keeping me laughing…and thank you to the whole family for a nice night out. Hope you enjoy your sneak peak…

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“Rust is a Must” Junk Shoot mini-sessions

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback and interest in the junk shoot mini-sessions. I have set up the first round of sessions for Saturday, July 25. The cost is $20 for one 1/2 hour mini-session. There is no limit to the number of people in the shoot, but keep in mind you may purchase 2 time slots if you think you would like more time. I’m leaving that totally up to you. The mini-sessions will run from 8am – 2pm. If you would like to schedule a session, please email me at or feel free to call me @ 616-677-0152. The $20 mini-session fee will cover the 1/2 hour session as well as an online gallery. Keep in mind that the Facebook “fans only” special WILL apply to the mini-sessions…what a deal! Please feel free to contact me re: clothing suggestions and/or any other questions you may have. Book your mini-sessions today – they’ll fill up fast!

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