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  • Welcome to Kerry Lee Photography!

    A little info on the lady behind the camera...Me!

    I live in the little town of Marne (just west of GR) with my husband, our two boys and our little girl. We have been blessed with 3 unique little people who are my absolute pride, joy and inspiration. They keep me on my toes and make me laugh every time I turn around.

    As much as I love being a Mom to this crazy bunch, I also love having a business. And, I can honestly say that I love my job! My kids' pictures mean the world to me and it gives me great pleasure being able to provide that service to others.

    As for my style, it's been described as relaxed, fun and unscripted. I strive to capture who a child truly is beyond that "say cheese" smile. I want parents to look at their children's photos and be able to see those little expressions they love more than anything. I try to catch moments of innocence and of course, mischief, that are so simple yet priceless.

    Those moments pass all too quickly, but can be kept forever in a portrait. Babies grow up so fast. For those of you looking at having senior pictures of your "baby" taken - you know how precious those memories are. I would love to help you stop time and hold on to those special moments forever.

    Take some time to browse my images and please, let me know if my style is what you're looking for.

    Thanks for stopping by and God Bless.

    Kerry Westveld

The “K” Family – Fall 2017

You wouldn’t know it by the final images, but this session was a bit chaotic.  It was still fun though.  This family makes me laugh.  Dad asks, after the first pose, if we’re done yet.  lol  Just before leaving the house, the puppy ate little man’s glasses.  So, they were literally balancing on his nose the entire time.  Little dog had a nasty ear infection, so she wasn’t feeling well.  It was just one thing after another.  That said, I love sessions like this.  It’s more of a surprise when the images turn out just right 🙂

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Braden – Senior 2018

Braden is not a fan of his braces, but needed a yearbook photo for now.  So, we did a mini session for yearbook style photos and will do the remainder of his senior portraits when the braces are removed.  He was so much fun to work with and incredibly photogenic.  Good luck with the rest of your senior year, Braden!

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Emma – Senior 2018

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Dugan – Senior 2018

Man oh man did Dugan make me, his mom AND his sister work HARD for anything but a serious face.  No joke.  He did not enjoy being in the spotlight, that’s for sure.  That said, he is incredibly photogenic and even managed to give a little smirk now and then.  Congratulations on your senior year Dugan!

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