Twins – the real deal!

As stated in my earlier post, I have been eager to get my hands (and my camera) on some multiples.  Well, within hours of posting that desire…believe it or not – I booked a session for the sweetest newborn twins.  The crazy part is…the reason I posted the “want-ad” in the first place was after seeing a set of newborn twins while bringing my son to the doctor.  It took everything I had not to hand them my business card, but thought that would be a bit tacky.  I’m getting to the crazy part 🙂  This exact set of twins (seen at the doctor’s office) are the cuties in this post.  I was referred to them by some of my Facebook friends and the rest is “history”.  Small, but beautiful world.  
On to the details of these precious little ones.  Brooklynn and Colton were absolutely darling.  They were little peanuts who slept like babies.  Imagine that 🙂  I love the opportunity to work with newborns whenever I get the chance, but 2 of them…even better!  It definitely took some time and patience, but wow, did it pay off.  Check them out for yourself…almost makes me want one (or two) more – almost!  Enjoy your sneak preview.

Thanks so much!
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