oh boy…and girl – Colton and Brooklynn – 3 months old

Remember a few months ago, when I had the great opportunity to take pictures of adorable twin newborns?  Yep – here they are again.  Three months old!  I can’t get over how much bigger they’ve gotten and just how cute they both are.  Brooklynn is such a sweetheart.  She has gorgeous lashes and such a sweet little smile.  She was so laid back and up for anything.  Colton is such a charmer, but man, when it came to that camera in his face…he put up a fight.  But, finally, I won him over and we became friends (for a bit).  No, really, these two did a wonderful job.  I tell all my clients that the three month session is by far one of the most difficult.  But, Colton and Brooklynn did great!  They are my newest baby plan members and I am so incredibly excited to do their 6 month pics next.  What fun!  Thank you guys so much for not only trusting me to do their newborn pictures, but also granting me the pleasure of capturing their entire first year.  What a privilege…truly.  Enjoy your little preview….

The “end” 🙂

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